We are entering the era of Intentional Design​

We are evolving into a new consciousness, and species. As humans are lunged forward into a brighter, aware, individualistic, complex, and democratized future, platforms are the great enabler. The drumbeat of progress calculates inexorably, as information, labor, and energy democratize to ever depreciating costs. Adaptive populations will thrive, and may there be life of meaning, utility, and safety to the incapable.

In many ways, I’m an optimist. I believe humans will always be able to build solutions to our problems. Hope is foundational to human agency. Elon Musk’s greatest thinking is that the future needs to be multi-planetary.

Technology is democratizing in the hands of the people, yet authoritarians will go to every length to weaponize control of technology. This is the defining negotiation of the future, of citizens vs. states that control our information technologies.

Within the Digital Societal Operating System, all democratic humans will be afforded the democratizing and globalizing opportunities of intentional design. The ability to design your life, design your tribe, your orientation, your career. It’s about having the courage to design. It’s not that you will always achieve your goals, but the obstacle is the way. This is the prism we all need to inculcate for tomorrow.

It all starts with education. asking the hardest questions. Human centered technology, localized, practical, human-machine system design, learning that unlearning is the key to intentional design. How do we design planet centric products? Leadership education available to classrooms, communities, organizations, first principles systems design.

We cannot afford to outsource creativity to AI, but we can all still benefit from the magic powers of AI. Designing algorithms and platforms for human-machine co-creation. Technology is empowering when it augments, and destructive when it outsources.

To sustain in this future, tribe, and community, are as significant as ever. As collectives, finding our complements to maximize our individual sovereignty. Let’s create communities with shared wisdoms, power in diversity and intentional, radical ritual, from all the cultures on the planet, from human cultures developed in symbiosis with natural cultures, to design some sort of better future for ourselves, our communities, our society, our planet. This is the mandate of our unyielding evolution, the north star of designing our ancient future.